It’s Coming…

No, the title of this blog post is not a reference to the surprisingly very scary horror movie, It Follows.

When I say “It” I do not mean a demonic sexually transmitted ghost or disease or whatever it is, that follows you around and tries to kill you!  I’m actually referring to something much, much more thrilling- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Life is full of things to be positive about.  And it’s my belief that positivism, excitement and general hyped-ness is more than simply a reaction to circumstance but completely and totally a choice (I’ll talk more about this in other posts).  Be that as it may, there is little choosing to be done regarding my excitement for the new Legend of Zelda game.  My hyped-ness is a completely pure and unencumbered reaction to something I love!

You see, in life we grow up.  We get bigger, taller (generally) and start to take interest in things like interest rates, stock prices and foreign policy.  These things are all well and good and even necessary, but I carry with me this core conviction that all of us, everyone, need things on occasion that make us feel like we’re 8 years old.

We need things in life that provide a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a totally ridiculous perspective on ourselves and the world.  We need what I call “right angles”- things that enter our reality totally unexpected, or that help us to view reality in new (or even forgotten) ways.

Adults worry about things that they can’t actually touch or see, with mortgage rates, stocks and foreign affairs only being ascertained via digital images on computer and television screens.  But when we were 8 years old?  When we were 8 years old we were scared of dark corners, tall trees and unexplored places.  And this fear didn’t result in depression, poor eating habits or lack of sleep.  Instead we climbed the tree and explored the new/strange place.

And it’s for these reasons I share a deep love and appreciation for the Legend of Zelda video games.  They are deeply shaped by this very quality.  The creator of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto, even said in an interview that one of his greatest inspirations for the Zelda video game series came from an experience he had as a young child (probably around the age of 8 years old!).

Miyamoto was exploring the forest in the back of his home and happened across a cave.  Miyamoto stood at the mouth of this cave, gazing into the gaping black mystery that it was, and was filled with a profound combination of fear, awe, wonder and thrill.  The Zelda games exist to capture this experience and do so wonderfully.

I’ve actually replayed some of the Zelda games over the last couple years.  I replayed Skyward Sword twice (crazy, right?!) and am in the process of replaying Twilight Princess.  And I’ve got to say both games are even better than I remembered them to be, even as I age and “grow up”!

Whether or not you like Zelda or video games in general, I hope you can resonate with my sentiment regarding things that make you feel young. What is your joy?  Is it model cars?  Sports?  Music?  Art?  Let me know!